Friday, September 3, 2010

Well today hasn't been a very good day. Sick kiddos is never fun. Berklee has a cold, and being the age she is there isn't anything I can do for her.
We had to pick Atleigh up from school today, she has a stomach bug and she's a big ole baby when she's sick. But I don't blame her, so am I :) She has slept all afternoon, we went and got some drinks for her to make her feel better.
And Aidan is feeling better, but still she could have used the rest but her daddy was being a baby about not going to the lake so I sent them two on their way! Since she is feeling better, and these other two are not maybe her being out of the house she wont catch this stomach bug.
Adian did do really great for me today after school though and helped me with some stuff around the house and getting herself packed. Having a sick baby is hard enough, but having another one that has pretty much had to stay in the bathroom is even harder. And then everyone finally went to sleep, so Aidan sat in the living and watched some of her shows and kept to herself so everyone could rest! She's a great helper and sometimes I don't let her know I appreciate it enough and told her today thanks for helping. Because she has really started getting an attitude and not wanting to do anything around the house or help out, and I lose my temper at times. But I have started stopping and realizing what she is doing to help out and letting her know it's helping us all out and we thank her.

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