Saturday, September 27, 2008

FAIR 9-25-08

Dad and I took the girls to the Fair thursday after they got out of school. It was wrist band night...take 3 canned items and you can buy one wrist band and get the next one free. So we got there around 3:30....watched a dog show, walked thru the stock barns....held some baby chicks and ducks, walked thru and saw rabbits(exciting), pet some sheep, cows, horses, lama's and everything else stinky. Then headed to the midway for some rides. At this time of day there were not a whole lot of people yet. So the girls were able to ride most of the rides pretty fast and over and over again. Some of them were a little fast for atleigh so she got scared on a few and so did aidan. Aidan was on one by herself that she just had to ride that took her up in the air..set for a minute and then just drops...the look on her face. And when she got off, she was scared and wouldn't stop shaking and said "I'm never riding that again." They played a few games and got a few stuffed animals..then it was getting close to 6 or so, we decided to head and find something to eat. After we ate went back out and by that time it was 7 and it was CROWDED. A good 15 minute wait to get on the rides. So they did a few of the slides and fun house and we finally left around 7:45. Remind you on a school night, and most nights they have eaten, bathed and are in bed by this time or are getting close to it. They were worn out!!!! But it was great time! I forgot my camera so all of my pictures are on my phone, and my computer wont except my software to transfer so mark is going to transfer them from his phone and once he does I will post some pics....

SOCCER 9-27-2008

Today we had early games. Aidan's game started at 9 a.m., she did the little bit that I got to watch because I had to take Atleigh across the complex to her game by 9:30. Aidan scored a goal right before I left. Mark said she did "okay" the rest of the game...still the issue with her standing around and not running after the ball. Of course it's only the second game.
Atleighs game started at 10 a.m. She was already pouty and tired from getting up early...She did okay, but we have a few girls on the team that won't play at some of the girls have to play most of the game. Atleigh was in most of the first quarter until she was tripped and slid across the grass and had to cry for awhile. So she came out...but went right back in for the whole second quarter. Again another girl wouldn't play and came out in 3rd quarter so atleigh was the only one that would go back in...and then it was her turn to play the 4th quarter. So she was exhausted by then....and it was already hot out! She did good, will just be glad when it cools off some...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Girls First Soccer Day

Today Saturday Sept. 20 was the girls first soccer games. Wow, what a day!!! Aidan's game was at 12 and it wasn't to hot. She did great today, was worried how she would do. All of the other girls that are on her team have been playing together with in-door soccer, and this is our first season back after setting out for a few years. We took her out because it was getting to hard to get to practices and at that time I worked on Saturdays. So now we have both girls playing. It's a challange, both have practices during the week and games on Saturdays. We got lucky and only have 2 games that will cut into each other.

Aidan's game went well, she scored a goal and actually did what she was suppose to do. Now atleigh's game on the other hand...CRAZY. A bunch of 4 year olds with attention spans of just a few minutes. We looked at the grass, played in the dirt, sat down on the field, looked in the sky, sat and talked with each other, ran off the field in tears....had some that didn't want to go back onto the field. I think they were scared, and really didn't know what to do so there reaction was to cry and run to mommy. They all did very good. Hopefully the season gets better.