Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Polar Express Ride

Saturday night the 15th we went on the Polar Express Train Ride. To me I'm glad I didn't pay for the tickets. But I also have to look at it, it was there second night and that's why we were there. Kind of like a dress rehearsal...and they needed it. Of course Mark said they waited until Thursday to see if the PA system worked and of course it did not. So they bought these cheapo speakers thinking it would work. You could hear it but only in that part of the train. So the girls couldn't hear the polar express story...not that they were really paying attention anyway. On the ride they handed out hot chocolate, and cookies(hard at that)...then we got to the North Pole (smyer) and picked up Santa and his helpers is what Atleigh calls them. They got on the train and Santa comes around and did take the time to talk to every child on the train and gives them a bell just like in the movie. Aidan was excited, Atleigh was scared!! She said she didn't like him because she couldn't see his mouth. lol So she sat in Mark's lap while Santa talked to her. It was about an hour and 15 min ride, it was worth it for the kids...they loved it and that's what it's all about anyway. But if you have motion sickness problems...better take something before you go!!!

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