Saturday, September 27, 2008

SOCCER 9-27-2008

Today we had early games. Aidan's game started at 9 a.m., she did the little bit that I got to watch because I had to take Atleigh across the complex to her game by 9:30. Aidan scored a goal right before I left. Mark said she did "okay" the rest of the game...still the issue with her standing around and not running after the ball. Of course it's only the second game.
Atleighs game started at 10 a.m. She was already pouty and tired from getting up early...She did okay, but we have a few girls on the team that won't play at some of the girls have to play most of the game. Atleigh was in most of the first quarter until she was tripped and slid across the grass and had to cry for awhile. So she came out...but went right back in for the whole second quarter. Again another girl wouldn't play and came out in 3rd quarter so atleigh was the only one that would go back in...and then it was her turn to play the 4th quarter. So she was exhausted by then....and it was already hot out! She did good, will just be glad when it cools off some...

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